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The Feeling Faces Poster illustrates emotions that are commonly discussed with counselors. The first factor in perceiving emotions is to be able to speak clearly and accurately when describing something felt in the body.
The images help children to identify feelings in others by showing how facial expressions are linked to the appropriate words. Thinking about feelings allows for discovery, perspective, and awareness of what has garnered our attention. Emotions are the most powerful attributes we have. Managing and directing emotive forces is likely the most important skill in an individual's life.

The Feeling Faces Poster is 11.75"x17" or

Illustrated below is one set of 20 large cards,  the same images as the poster. The feelings come in 10 sheets, two emotions per sheet (11"x8.5"), (28cmx21.5cm), for a total of 20 large feeling cards. They can be used as class- room sized flash cards, or assembled into a very large poster or chart, (27.5"x34")(70cmx86.5cm)

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