Effective Resources for Counselors, Teachers, and Families

 Emotional literacy is the ability to recognize and label emotions. For those wishing to learn more about
 emotional literacy, there are many resources available on the Internet

An alternative to formal meditation practices with a potential for family and interpersonal 
team-building skill development. Guidelines and resources to help you inexpensively 
improve your coping and awareness skills through an enjoyable activity.

The site is independently owned by Steve Hein, author of EQ for Everybody, and is based on his belief that one of   the keys to improving society is improving the way we meet each other's emotional needs. 

An excellent directory of Emotional Intelligence / EQ / EI sites, sources, and organizations.

300 volunteer professionals run "SHM", one of the largest mental health sites on the Net.

Free informational and educational articles, as well as resources on psychology, support and mental health resources online.

Info for Therapists and Parents.

The "International Society for Child and Play Therapy" is the world's first non-profit international organization for child psychotherapists and play therapists

"Positive Parenting" is dedicated to providing resources and information to help make parenting more rewarding, effective and fun.

Provided by Tufts University, the "Child and Family WebGuide" is a resource for parents which describes and evaluates sites that contain research-based information about infants, children and teens.

Academic Journals

The Counseling Psychologist
One of the premier journals in the field, The Counseling Psychologist publishes high-quality, scholarly articles relevant to counseling psychologists.

Journal of Child and Adolescent Group Therapy
This journal addresses the whole spectrum of professional issues relating to juvenile and parent group treatment.

Journal of Family Therapy
This journal is published on behalf of the UK Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice.

Free Articles

Ezine Articles
Freelance writers contribute to a wide range of subjects. 
The motivation section contains many good and practical ideas for improving one's emotional life and attitude.

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