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  feeling faces

These 5 of 42 Feeling Faces Cards in the set, depict twenty one common emotions, with each emotion portrayed by a pair of male and female Feeling Faces Cards. They can be loosely organized under the themes of Glad, Sad, Mad, and Bad. The cards encourage children and adults to recognize and name emotions. As an effective resource for practitioners in a variety of helping and learning environments, the cards function to quickly facilitate the exploration and discussion of feelings. The 21 emotions portrayed are as follows:

 Happy . Content . Smug . Surprise . Sad . Sorry . Bored . Mean . Angry . Rage . Frustrated .      Guilty . Jealous . Disgust . Scared . Shy . Suspicious . Anxious . Tired . Confused . Worry.

Below are examples of pairing. The paired faces are identical, only the hair styling has changed.
feeling faces pairs
Click Examples to see how one counselor creatively uses Feeling Faces Cards to stimulate therapeutic conversations.

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