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One deck of 42 Feeling Faces Cards (3.5"x 5.5") (9cmx14cm)
is $36.50 CAD, including shipping and handling.

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Please note that the cart is set up for multiple deck orders only.
For multiple posters, please email us with your request and we will set up a Paypal page for your multiple poster order. It will save you money because the postage for multiple posters is much less than for a single order.

One Feeling Faces Poster
(11.5"x17.5") (29.5cmx44.5cm)
is $25.00 CAD,
including shipping and handling.

Due to postage issues the Feeling Faces Poster has been discontinued.

Illustrated is one set of 20 large cards,  the same images as the poster.
The package comes in 10 sheets, two images per sheet (11"x8.5"), (28cmx21.5cm), for a total of 20 large cards. They can be used separately as class- room sized flash cards, or assembled into a very large poster, (27.5"x34")(70cmx86.5cm)
The price is $22.50 CAD, incl. shipping & handling
      (11"x8.5"), (28cmx21.5cm)

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John Beder
1706 Beaufort Ave.,
Comox, British Columbia,
Canada  V9M 1R7

Please include your return address and
phone number with payment.

Delivery is by the Canadian Postal Service. Please let us know if you a prefer a particular courier, we will use them and bill you at cost.

Disclaimer:  Feeling Faces Cards cannot accept responsibility for customs delays or delays resulting from incorrect information given to us.

Return Policy
If you determine that our product has been of no benefit whatsoever, tell us in an email and  we will refund your purchase. We ask that you simply pass on our product to someone who could use it in their practice or daily life.

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